Who Am I?

I am a home stager: The link your home sale chain is missing.

Staging and Design Consultant / Owner

I came upon the world of home staging and design from the outside, as a hobbyist called upon by friends and family time and again to fix up a room here, or help clinch a home sale there. Over the years, I have honed what was once a hobby into a full-time passion, and founded Curtain Call Open House Staging to put my passion to use in transforming the homes for quick and easy (and profitable!) sale.

I draw upon my skills as a lifelong clothing designer and seamstress, plus an understanding of interior design and fen shui principles. That means I know my way around a paint roller, a sewing machine, and a power drill, and use all three to transform a home and maximize its selling potential.

My talent is in seeing a room (whether it is fully furnished, totally cluttered, or completely empty) not for what it is, but for what it could be. My job is not to run up an expensive bill transforming a home, but to maximize its potential. Using the décor and furnishings you already have (or could easily find on a frugal budget) and my eye for arranging them, I can use the power of home staging to transform your home into a showroom that appeals to a wide diversity of potential buyers.

My job is not to make sure your open houses go as smoothly as possible. My job is to make sure you have just one open house. Ever. Simple as that.